Welcome! What exactly is this about? This is essentially just my quiet writing space. Wanted some way to capture thoughts and “adventures” of a woman in midlife, a single mom, creating a home, preparing kids for the real world, and aligning this family with His Grand Design. Along the way, we’ve been Blessed with so many extraordinary surprises and treasures, seems  wasteful to keep these discoveries and seredipitous moments to myself. I do not claim to be a writer. Just a simple gal with a passion for people,family, music, stories, creativity,science,technology, the arts & Jesus Christ. Incidentally, we live in DePere,WI  http://www.de-pere.org/ -At times, the topic of sports may arise! Go Pack! http://www.packers.com/…. and IF you are looking for a phenomenal Church family in Northeastern Wisconsin, you will be warmly welcomed and encouraged at Green Bay Community Church. We are a transforming community, opening hearts and minds, strengthening families, building relationships, doing life together- Check out GBCC- you just may have your own “life changing” experience! http://gbcommunitychurch.com/


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