The Happiness Project-Gretchen Rubin

Sounds easy enough. How DOES a person LIVE while “working” on this project? The Happiness Project is exactly what it sounds like!

The Happiness Calendar  LOVE Gretchen Rubin, her book, her ideas, her site!  Could I approach her with MY idea? Wonder if I could get a book deal on  “Doing Goodness One Act at a Time”-Got some potential “partners”. How about Life is Good? There theme fits. “Do what you love, love what you do”, right? Makes sense to me. Now, the other “partner is GOOD magazine.There is the whole Daily Good and so much more! Perhaps they’d like to put me on their payroll and I can be their social media experiment on generating daily GOOD. See if we can’t quantify the ripple effect! Now THAT would be an idea! So first things first, better start at the very beginning and dig a little deeper into this Happiness Project and set up my OWN goals,timelines, dreams…starting right this very moment I am HAPPY to have life, relative health,comfort, and the opportunity to explore the possibilities! Thanks Gretchen for open the door to further “projects”…


About lmcuene

All-in! Connector, storycollector, imagineer,relationship builder,advocate,artsfanatic, passionate about family,Creativity,Faith,Doing Good, Being the Change!-Wonderfully Blessed child of the Creator,the Almighty Maker. Grateful human, Mom of two Joys, Lover of life,curious explorer,wannabe artist, fearless searcher for justice-dreamer,doer,thinker.Working towards a better world. It starts within,the heart's alignment,with a choice,an attitude, intentional movement towards Goodness.When we simply "connect"-with eye contact, a gentle hand on the shoulder- we affirm others, giving the gift of Presence-Sharing our story creates heart openings through which we are united in our Humanity. Simply be a good neighbor. Be Love in action. Joy IS in the Journey-Choosing Goodness, Gratitude, Action,Truth and FAITH!
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