It begins with a single step~

Do you ever feel like the cosmos is trying to tell you something? Every song I hear, every post i read, even scripture is about “taking action”-it’s not enough to just think,dream, and plan.. At some point you have to take an actual step! Even a lateral step is a step. So,it’s up to me. The time is now. For any dream to come true, it’s time to DO! Do Something! The stars are lining up and the wind calls my name. I will follow the guiding Spirit on the Path laid out for me. One step at a time..But I AM taking that step. Right now!


About lmcuene

All-in! Connector, storycollector, imagineer,relationship builder,advocate,artsfanatic, passionate about family,Creativity,Faith,Doing Good, Being the Change!-Wonderfully Blessed child of the Creator,the Almighty Maker. Grateful human, Mom of two Joys, Lover of life,curious explorer,wannabe artist, fearless searcher for justice-dreamer,doer,thinker.Working towards a better world. It starts within,the heart's alignment,with a choice,an attitude, intentional movement towards Goodness.When we simply "connect"-with eye contact, a gentle hand on the shoulder- we affirm others, giving the gift of Presence-Sharing our story creates heart openings through which we are united in our Humanity. Simply be a good neighbor. Be Love in action. Joy IS in the Journey-Choosing Goodness, Gratitude, Action,Truth and FAITH!
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