a “good enough” parent

When I was in grad school (sad to say I never finished:( and regret this terribly) I had some memorable instructors, but one of them in particular, introduced me to some classic literature in the realm of parenting and child development. Bruno Bettleheim  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Bettelheim wrote about the good enough parent and it can’t just be summed up in one sentence, but I like this idea. I may not be perfect, I may not be the best parent on this earth, but when nighttime comes, day after day, my children are hugged, loved, read to, listened to, disciplined,encouraged, nurtured, and respected. Maybe not perfectly, every moment of every day, but over all…we are not the “typical” family, so there are challenges in how we live. I have so much to learn, and WANT to learn to help these little wonders grow into the best individuals they can possibly be. I have fears, and regrets, but one of the things I believe is that if/when I try to operate with genuine, compassion, honor,integrity, honesty and love, things generally feel better all the way around. And things seem to go better,too. I have shared the story of the little girl whose mother gave her a box of nails to pound in the fence…if you don’t know the story, it basically says that when you say/do things  in anger,  http://activerain.com/blogsview/480448/NAIL-IN-THE-FENCE  these leave permanent holes that can’t be undone. My 6yr old reminded me of that the other day when I was not as patient as I would have liked to be. Can’t remember the specifics,but obviously Helena remembered the story and wanted ME to take heed. Obviously I have much to work on.  I continue to pray for patience.


About lmcuene

All-in! Connector, storycollector, imagineer,relationship builder,advocate,artsfanatic, passionate about family,Creativity,Faith,Doing Good, Being the Change!-Wonderfully Blessed child of the Creator,the Almighty Maker. Grateful human, Mom of two Joys, Lover of life,curious explorer,wannabe artist, fearless searcher for justice-dreamer,doer,thinker.Working towards a better world. It starts within,the heart's alignment,with a choice,an attitude, intentional movement towards Goodness.When we simply "connect"-with eye contact, a gentle hand on the shoulder- we affirm others, giving the gift of Presence-Sharing our story creates heart openings through which we are united in our Humanity. Simply be a good neighbor. Be Love in action. Joy IS in the Journey-Choosing Goodness, Gratitude, Action,Truth and FAITH!
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